Gold layer dvd

Gold layer dvd

Special is not special enough for us, as you know we go further where the rest stop.

We all know that a recordable disc don’t live for always, the problem is the reflection layer.

The reflection layer that is used on the most cdr and dvdr’s are from silver or aluminum, both types have corrosion. This corrosion start the fight with the dye with as results a d

Gold layer dvd

amage disc in a few years.

Some brands say that they give 50 years of warranty, nice that they give you a new disc but its your data, movie or pictures that are lost and nobody can bring it back!

Gold is the only material without corrosion, so gold is the best you can have as reflection layer but as you know gold is more expensive!

Be careful: You can’t see easy from the outside that the disc have a gold reflection layer. Some brands are writing on the disc “gold” or use a gold color on the label side of the disc to let you think its gold.

We have a gold layer DVD-R that give you a long term or storage time. Use only this disc for data you want to save for a long time.

Inkjet printable
The surface of this disc has a special coating that absorbs the ink of inkjet printers (not all printers can do this). With this option you can not only make the disc special with your choice of music or data but it looks also as you want.

Our assortment:

  • Jewelcase
  • Cakebox / spindel 25

Gold layer dvd