Inkjet Photo paper

Premium Photo Paper
For All Inkjet Printers

With our special inkjet photo paper you will get the best print result.

The special coating ensures that the ink is absorbed into the paper so that it is not possible bleed. The coating also ensures that the print dries quickly so that stains are prevented.

Glossy photo paper gives the print/photo a glossy glow. If you don’t want Glossy, choose matte photo paper.

If you want to be able to print on both sides, choose our double sided photo paper. That have a coating on both sides, so you can print on both sides of the paper without problems.

We have A4 and 10*15cm photopaper.

It’s still widely used

Recordable media

CD Recordable, DVD Recordable, Blu-ray Recordable, it sounds old school but is still a good way to backup things.

Streaming and Cloud is hot, but what if you just want a copy in your hands. How do you keep data out of the hands of hackers? Well burn it on a disc.

Depending on what kind of disc you use, you can store on a cd-r 700MB, dvd-r 4.7GB or 8,5GB (double layer) or use a Blu-ray up to 50GB on one single disc.

Photos, Movies, Music, Documents …. For all you have to store, there is a solution.